Monday, January 22, 2007

Further plots and plans

I should have expected this from Dan. He did some research, scratched his head a bit, and suggested that we just have him roast the pig instead of a caterer. He figures he can get here a few days early, build a roasting set-up near or on our fire pit, and be ready to serve it up by Saturday afternoon.

There's also the thought that instead of buying a pig from a butcher, we commission a 4-H kid in the swine project to raise one for us. Dan processes his own meat on his farm in Maine, and figures he can do the same here. My next task will be to contact some 4-H families I know and see who wants to raise a pig.

In terms of food, we have the afore-mentioned pig - - and with a portion of the budget that will be saved by having Dan act as butcher and roaster, perhaps we should include some fresh rainbow trout from the local trout farm (for the non-meat eaters in the crowd). I hope to track down a corn roaster, and arrange for fresh bread. Beyond that, I'm mulling over a suggestion that side dishes and/or drinks be supplemented on a potluck basis. Finally, I have a neighbor who makes a damn fine caramel apple cheesecake, and a friend who can do a beautiful version of a classic decorated cake.

Now, about the entertainment: instead of a DJ, there is some thought about organizing this shindig as a ceilidh (KAY-LEE) or irish house party. Anyone who has an instrument and would like to bring it along would be welcome, and music can be provided on the spur of the moment by those who feel inspired to make it. The possible drawback of this is that I don't know how many potential guests actually play an instrument. I'm pretty sure Dad won't want to cart along his accordian (although Dan will have his concertina). I have friends who play the trumpet and the tuba - - but I don't think that's quite what we're talking about. Maybe I just need to pro-actively seek out new friends this summer who play the fiddle?