Friday, March 20, 2009

Christy is a very good teacher.

I am officially Christy's "Show & Tell" today, and was featured right after the singing mechanical bunny, the pokemon cards and the pinewood derby car brought in by various kids. It's so neat seeing her in action! She really has a way with the kids and is clearly in her element. (Where I would say "Sit down and get to work," she'll say something like "I'll be sad if you have to stay in from recess because you didn't get your work done."

I am still convinced that I'm a much better fit in the high school than at the elementary level, but I'm having a blast being the spare adult in First Grade.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hello, World

I've been thinking of you . . . and this is starting to be one of those blog entries I was not going to do - the ones where I talk about feeling guilty for not blogging. Not going there.

I can report that I only have 15 individual lace leaves to go before the Anniversary Shawl is finished. I'm in Michigan just now, preparing to visit Cousin Christy's first grade class and then Great-Aunt Mary's funeral. And as a bonus, I'll get to wish Austin happy birthday just a little late, and say hello to the rest of the Michigan crew during this bittersweet event. I may even get to blog more extensively, if I can make my fingers understand the difference between my ergo keyboard and Christy's laptop. (The wine probably isn't helping.)

Meanwhile, Spring - or a reasonable facsimile thereof - has blessed us with a few warm days, and the chickens are extremely grateful.