Monday, March 24, 2008

All is well

Pictures may have to wait until I get back, but everything is copacetic.  The flights were smooth, and I got all but the last sleeve done on the second cotton nephew sweater.  I've spent the day enjoying the wonderful weather, spectacular views, and goofing with the nephews.  I know it's the expected thing to say, but I cannot believe how big the boys have gotten.  P is a big burly 8 year old, with a surprising amount of muscle.  B is now 6, and a skinny little whip of a kid.  The two boys fight what I assume is the normal amount, each giving more or less as much as they get, and meanwhile play really well together.  (How much did my brothers and I fight when I was little?  I really can't be sure about the younger ones, and I am very sure that the fighting between me and my older brother was not normal.) And the baby is an absolute delight, as expected.
Tomorrow, the Desert Museum - early, while the raptors are still active.  Can't wait!