Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Welcome to the Stone Jug, an 1868 fieldstone schoolhouse which was remodeled a few years ago into our home. (I really must see about scanning the historic picture to show you.)

We mostly created this blog to keep you up to date on our big anniversary party. On September 8, 2007, you are formally invited to visit the Stone Jug and witness our informal renewal of vows.

The ceremony itself is planned as just a quiet walk down to my neighbor's outdoor chapel, next to the Mill Pond. You'll want to leave your spike heels at home, but otherwise the path is open, accomodates wheelchairs, and won't leave you breathless.

We're just starting to plan the party for after the ceremony. Random thoughts include:

  • a DJ

  • a tent awning set up in the field east of the house

  • a roasted pig, among other things

There's a church campground just up the street from us, which may be willing to accomodate paying guests over the weekend. Or you're welcome to camp on our property (although it's not particularly flat). Or there are several decent hotels within a 10 mile radius.

In any case, our hope is that everyone who can possibly make it will come. We didn't get a chance to host a big bash 20 years ago when we first hooked up; now it's time to make up for the lack. Dress is casual, and there's no particular protocol to follow. We'd just like you to come.


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