Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Time to get to work!

It's high summer now, fully six months since I last updated this. My bad. But we've made it through a long weekend in Michigan and a short week in Connecticut, and now my main focus can be to get this anniversary show on the road!

The manager from the church camp ground across the street stopped by the other day to make sure we knew that our guests were welcome to stay on their property in September, if they chose. I understand there are quite a few camper spots, and a cabin that would sleep a large group comfortably. I'll post his phone number later this week, so any interested parties can make their arrangements directly. (There are also places on our land where a tent or trailer would be welcome - - but if you wanted land that was actually flat, you're better off across the street.) :)

Anyway, Rick and I took a new picture over the weekend to use on the invite, and I'll be chatting with the printer as soon as I am sure exactly how the verbiage inside will read. Then I just need to:

1) address & send out the invites;
2) confirm the location and status of our pig;
3) confirm rental options for the tent;
4) get speakers and wiring in place for music;

oh, and finish knitting that sweater I wanted to wear! Hey, we still have 7 weeks, right?

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