Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Double-size "Tree of Life" Prayer Shawl recipe

Kristi asked for the pattern for the prayer shawl I'm putting together next. It's more of a concept than a pattern at present. Here's what I've got so far:

I'm going to make the prayer shawl in three sections, to make it easier to carry around. I have a friend who is an excellent crocheter, and she's agreed to seam the three panels and add a lacy border around the whole thing.

I'm probably going to use a decent but generic wool blend or acrylic like Simply Soft, Woolease or Vanna's Favorite for cost reasons. I'd love to use one of the gorgeous merinos available at my my favorite alpaca farm & yarn shop, but I'm doing this out of my own pocket so there has to be some limits. Each of the three panels will be about 100 stitches wide, done with two strands of worsted weight held together throughout (for bulk & speed) on about a size 15 needle. The two side panels will be in a basic lace pattern similar to the 9/06 mid-month dishcloth KAL (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MonthlyDishcloths/files/%2A%2AKALs%20-%202006%2A%2A/). The important thing is that it's not boring, doesn't cause a ripple or distort the fabric, and stays more or less in the "growing things" theme.

The center panel will have a strip of the same lace below and above, but will have a center image of a pair of intertwined trees swiped from the "Tree of Life" pattern on lionbrand.com. (Again, I'm hoping the doubled yarn will bulk up the image.)
I may actually swatch and adjust the numbers a bit, since I'm hoping to end up with a shawl big enough to use as a throw - maybe 36" tall by 72" wide. I've talked to the three grown children of the couple, and there will be a point in the service (which will be a surprise to the couple) where the three kids get up and wrap the shawl around their parents, and then participate in the blessing.

That's what I've got just now. Let me know what you think.

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