Tuesday, March 11, 2008

And a good time was had by all.

It was a wonderful weekend. Not warm, by any means, but wonderful just the same. About 60 women of all ages, including a grandmother, mother and daughter in one group and several sets of sisters in others.
On the way back I asked a few of my fellow carpoolers what their favorite moment had been over the weekend. The vote was unanimous: the blessing of the community prayer shawl. We had started a shawl in a very basic pattern on Friday night, and left it and the supplies in a basket by the hearth so it could be worked on whenever someone felt inclined. Several non-knitters managed to add a stitch or two under guidance, and one champion knitter stayed up until 2 a.m. on Saturday making sure it had some width. Even those with no knitting ability or inclination got into the act by tying the fringe. And when it was done, Rev. Ann blessed it on Sunday after brunch and we surprised Mary by giving it to her. She literally fell to her knees in shock, and there wasn't a dry eye in the house.
The attitude bag was a star at the auction, and went for $26. Margaret and Mary, our leaders, were especially interested in the felted figure on the bag, and we're in talks to put together some sort of activity next year based on the same concept. I'm sworn to secrecy concerning the exact nature of next year's logo, but it involves a mirror and we were thinking that one of those big 1.5" sequins would be the perfect way to translate it into a cheap but unique group craft.
The red hat bath set was my disappointment for the weekend. For quite a while the bid stayed at $2, and the sole bidder wasn't shy about saying she was mainly after the duckie. I think someone saw my disappointment and threw in another bid, so the whole set went for $5 in the end. But I paid $3 for the soap and $1.50 for the duckie, both on clearance, so my soap bag, tribble and washcloth together went for 50 cents. As much as I enjoy making such things, they really just don't do well in an auction.

I also did some outdoor exploration, although in each case the snow was packed hard enough to make snowshoes or skis more of a bother than a necessity. We did the chickadee walk, which was as fun as ever, and I hiked out to Vesper Point after dawn on Sunday with a Bible borrowed from the cabin. (I still think most of the Psalms fall into two categories: (1) "My God is bigger than your god, nya nya nana," and (2) "Oh, God, I've really screwed up again here, please bail me out." Parts of individual chapters resonate with me, in particular the beginning Psalm 25 - but David will always come across to me as a spoiled selfish brat.)
Anyway, all is well.

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