Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Getting my ducks in a row

Okay, so they're goslings. And I know Canada Geese generally rate pretty low on the desirability scale, what with their constant noise and leavings and all. But aren't the little fuzzy ones cute? And can you believe this momma is leading 23 of them around? (You can't see them all in this shot, but I counted beaks.)

Anyway, plans continue to develop for that fall wedding I mentioned, and on Wednesday I was upgraded from spectator to best woman, or groomswoman, or something like that. (I guess that Titania sweater may have to wait.) Proper attire for the role has not been determined; I'm being threatened with a velvet suit appropriate for a Dutch farmer from a previous era, or perhaps a really big floppy pastel hat. If this line of thought continues, I may have to lead a revolt.

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