Tuesday, July 8, 2008


It's a hot, sticky, grey, rainy day here; and Rick's got it even worse, since his car broke down in 100° Arkansas heat this morning and left him stranded on the highway ramp. And I'm having one of those apathetic headache-and-binge-impulse days that signal another example of why the years leading up to menopause are so much fun. So here is my happy thought for the day:

Did you notice the little ant on the fushia bloom, competing with the bee for the flower's attention? I don't understand why I never bothered with hollyhocks before. Maybe I was just too cheap? But these are all from the scavenged seedheads discarded by the Kohler gardeners, and they've been worth every penny.

P.S. I believe in sharing the wealth. Send me a SASE, Attn: Hollyhocks, and I'll send it back with some seed heads from these beauties. Then just sprinkle the seeds, keeping in mind that they won't bloom until the second year.

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