Wednesday, July 23, 2008

There ought to be a law

What a freakin' gorgeous day. Who could be expected to work on a day like today?

I took Nora out for an early morning potty break, and kept her on a leash just so we wouldn't have to discuss when to go back inside. She stepped off the porch and then gave me an expression like "Walk! Cool!" - and then headed for the road. I slowed her down long enough to pull on some sandals I'd left on the porch, and off we went.

I'd had some concerns about whether she was ready for the whole walk thing, what with the fear anxiety and all. I still need to buy her a muzzle and then get her comfortable in it before I'm really interested in introducing her to a lot of strangers. And she still needs some training on how to walk on a leash - she tends to wander after every interesting smell, whether that be into the bushes or across the road. But we went down the road just a bit (with me in my t shirt and pj bottoms), then turned onto the path through Sybil's woods and walked down to the chapel and back. We ended up back in our East field, and I had time to grab my camera out of the car while Nora got a good long back scratch in the wet field grass. She looked like a doofus, waiving her feet around and snorting; but she also looked like a very happy dog.

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