Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Warm, Hopeful Day

I don't know if you can rightly call this Indian Summer so much as an unreasonably welcome fluke of nature. But the sun is shining and it's 72 degrees out - in the first week of November! In Wisconsin! I have the windows open in the house and car, and let the puppy loll in the grass when I went home for lunch. I'm even wearing sandals today.

Luc says that on his way to class this morning he spotted a group of four deer standing in the field and looking bemused about the current situation. And on my way to work, I passed a small flock of turkeys who were looking awfully content.

Sure, the world is going to hell in a handbasket, from some perspectives. I've heard more prejudiced comments (based on race and faith) in the last 20 months than in the 20 years prior. There are the wars (plural), and the environment, and the economy, and that asinine Proposition 8 in California.

But when the sun is shining, and a balmy breeze is blowing, and your son just gave you a hug for no particular reason, and the polls don't scare you as much as usual - it's easy to just relax and smile.

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