Thursday, December 11, 2008

I Think I Know The Problem

Fourteen days before Christmas and nine days before I meet the cousins (and Don's family) in Michigan, I should probably be making lists instead of piles.

I went stash-diving this morning before work - just to pull out the grey worsted with the pink and yellow shadows for a Christmas gift that I've been plotting all along. But then I saw the fuzzy pink stuff, and decided I had time to crank out a pair of hand-warmers for A, who likes pastel pink. Which led me to the hot pink incredibly soft stuff, which could be combined with white fuzzy stuff to make a fun hat and mittens for B. (Sure, I already had a plan for Christmas for B, but I've been meaning to do that for her anyway since Fall. What the heck. Never mind that I still don't have a gift for B's husband, or even C's husband, for that matter.)

Bottom line: I have enough knitting and other craft ideas to completely fill my time and attention for the next nine or 14 days, depending; but I still need guy gifts for guys who aren't necessarily going to appreciate anything fuzzy or pink (or even necessarily knitted).

I definitely need a list . . .

Things To Finish ASAP

1. Lydia socks
2. Johnny socks (and possibly another pair of Eli socks, depending how things look after fulling)
3. Grey round & round & round project for relative to be named later
4. Pink Handwarmers & hat for A
5. Pink/white Hat & mittens for B
6. Finish "chain mail" scarf for another relative heretofore unnamed
7. Assemble cream & gold necklace for I-know-who
8. Set dye and finish processing wool/silk scarves for I-know-who
9. Paint silver dove on hankie for Rosie
10. Finish the liturgical stole by Monday night
11. Consider if I really need the blue pearl & milliflori necklace, which would be so cool and I have all the parts but I really don't have an intended recipient but you never know and it really would be pretty . . . .

No problem.

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Roger said...

You almost sound like that skit (the name escapes me) Who's on first, what's on second and I don't know's on third! But then again you knew we'd read this didn't you :)