Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Catching Up

Today was a busy day - among other things, I rescued an unwanted blueberry bush from a dairy farmer friend and planted it alongside my Mother's Day blueberry twig from Luc. I have killed a fairly broad assortment of small and large fruit producing flora, but am willing to try again. (On the other hand, the arctic apricot bushes look pretty good, even though Rick ran over the Southernmost one - twice - with the mower a few years ago. And I notice the gooseberries and currents are looking enthusiastic already. Maybe someday they'll grow something besides leaves?)

I did a whole lot of other stuff today as well. I'm not sure why I can't make a nice tidy list of it, since I felt as though I was relatively productive. And despite my best intentions, I got nowhere near my violin, my knitting or even my laundry. But rain is forecasted for the next several days, so I did at least get in a 2 mile walk with the dog.

When we got home, her bed was occupied. The cat believes that this is the proper and natural order of things.

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