Friday, May 1, 2009

February Lady Sweater (a free pattern)

Have you seen this? Pam has a point. I mean, Julie made a beautiful FLS. Stephanie made a beautiful FLS. Linda was working on one for a while. I've even contemplated one - though I have to say that I first learned about Pam's design on Pam's actual blog, well before it was all the rage. It's a beautiful pattern, and it was a very nice gift to the knitting community - I'm saddened to discover that certain organizations are using it for profit.

I'm just saying that when you post a free pattern (as some of us do from time to time), it should stay free. Pirates may be a mildly amusing game on Facebook, but its no way for people to treat each other in real life.

Okay. As you were.

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Linda said...

I agree. I don't really design, but I love having the patterns available that I can make and sometimes adapt. I always let people know it based on someone else's design. Plus I don't sell anyway.
And I promise that My February Pink Lady will come out of time out. I have to wait till the AC is working, or until cooler weather.