Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Politics and a little self-examination

Okay, so Obama's ahead, but not by as much as he'd hoped. What I'm hearing is that Hillary still has a chance. But NPR says that a Democratic contender needs 2025 votes to clinch the nomination, there are a total of 4048, and right now he has 1477 while she has 1391. (Edwards has 26, and 60 are undecided.) It sounds like this might go right down to Oregon on May 20th.

So do we think Hillary could still pull it out? Theoretically, I'm okay with Obama (although I heard him speak in Hartford last year and I'm just not bowled over by the famous charisma. Maybe because it was not a stump speach, just a meet & greet in a religious setting?) For that matter, if it weren't for certain "bright line" issues, I don't hate the Republican option. It's very surreal for me, having multiple presidential choices that for once don't make me break out in hives. But when it was starting to look like Hillary was going to be pushed out, I found myself dissapointed.

Dad is big into Obama. So is Tasha, and my brother Dan - - and according to last night's radio, so are Ben & Jerry the ice cream guys. (I agree with Ben & Jerry on a lot of things. Phish Food, for one.) But in a way I can't properly explain, I'd really prefer Hillary to be our next president. I hate this "wait and see" part.

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Quilty bird said...

I, too, am hoping that Hillary can pull off a win. Obama seems too young, but then, maybe I'm just getting old.