Tuesday, March 4, 2008

To Do List

  • A "Tribble" from 1870 Perl's pattern to go in the red hat gift basket (http://1870pearl.typepad.com/my_weblog/2007/02/rubadubdub.html) by Friday morning.
  • A soap sack for the red hat gift basket. (My own pattern, for once. Didn't I ever share it with you? I'll have to see where I have it typed out, and then post it. They were VERY popular at the soap lady's booth at last summer's farmer's market!)
  • Educate Luc on the concept that "cleaning the car" also includes the paper and pens and miscellaneous debris under the seats - and does NOT include removing the atlas, window scraper or owner's manual. (By Wednesday night, when I'm trading my car for Tammy's 7 passenger van for the weekend.)
  • Hand-sew the interior lining into the "Attitude" bag for the auction (by Friday morning).
  • Pack - which would involve planning what I'm taking, and then washing it. (The pinch-hitting dryer is now in place, and the guys left muddy footprints on the tile & living room carpet to prove it.)

I suppose the list doesn't seem that bad. Each of the knitted things will take me less than an hour, and like any chore I just need to grit my teeth and get going on the sewing thing. And I still have tonight and Thursday night after work to get most of this done, even if Wednesday will be tied up with Weight Watchers, choir practice, lenten services and simple meal. For that matter I can knit in Weight Watchers, and Rev. Bill doesn't mind when I knit in church - it's just that they keep the lights pretty dim during lenten services. I'll have to make sure I sit by one of the pillar candles and wear my reading glasses . . . .

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