Saturday, April 26, 2008

Cold and Dark and Windy and Cold

The forsythia are - still - blooming, which is good because I was really worried last night's severe thunderstorm would knock all the blooms off the bushes before we'd even got to enjoy them properly. Today the wind is just whipping through, with threats of possible snow tonight. Rick is off to that Illinois U-Pull-It junkyard for another load of Cellica parts, and is dressed in t-shirt, sweatshirt, fleece-lined pants and double-walled hat. He says he doesn't need a jacket because he's a "Wisconsin Man." (Say it with a flourish.)

Meanwhile, Tasha is at a March of Dimes walkathon down by the lake, and is probably freezing her tuchus off. I'm supposed to pick her up in an hour so we can go prom dress shopping - and she'll still probably want to pick something out that's strapless and has no insulation value at all.

And I was going to plant Dalia bulbs today, but I think I'll make some hot chocolate instead and work on a certain wool knitting project . . .

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