Monday, April 21, 2008

I feel better

I made pretty good progress on the Tree of Life shawl on Saturday, while watching two very strange movies. (Fur with Robert Downey Jr. and Nicole Kidman, and The Fountain with Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz. The Fountain was weird and convoluted but pretty; Fur was just plain weird.) Just the same, I'm starting to think that I'm not going to make my deadline with the shawl. Therefore, by all rights I should have reached full on panic mode by Sunday afternoon, and spent the remainder of that day huddled in front of the TV with my needles.

But it was absolutely gorgeous out. Wells Fargo's sign said it was 75°F, which I have decided to believe even if Community Bank's sign next door was only claiming 65°F. The sun was out, the garden centers were open, and I wanted some color in my life! (I swear to God, I was only in K-Mart for toiletries - but the pansy's were calling to me!) So I planted three hanging baskets, the two tubs on the north side of the house, and the whisky barrel in the garden over the septic tank. (The barrel covers the lid, and we have lots of fun every 3 years moving it when the County requires us to pump out our tank. But in the mean time, it camouflages the situation nicely.) Oh, and I managed to gather and burn all those sale fliers and pizza boxes and other miscellaneous stuff that always manages to blow away over the course of the winter and get stuck in the brush on the edge of our woods. And I cut back all the dead stalks and gathered up all the dead leaves and such from last years blooms, along with other garden-cleaning duties. I do wonder why there was a exhaust gasket in my rose bed - but I guess that's the price of sharing a yard with a motorhead. In the winter, he gets to put cars on engine blocks in the front yard if he feels it necessary; but our rule is that all his motor stuff must be cleaned up by the time my flowers bloom, and must be stored neatly behind the house or somewhere else that doesn't block the view of the garden by the road.

So, yeah, I should be in a blind knitting panic just now. But I got to get dirt under my nails yesterday, and plant pretty things, and maybe even sunburn the back of my neck a little bit. And I may be starting to accept that the Tree of Life shawl is going to be late. And today it's supposed to be even warmer, if a little misty. And I'm wearing a floaty summer dress and sandals to work, and franky, I feel pretty content.


~Lynn~ said...

It must be so nice to be able to plant this time of year. We are still waiting for the snow to melt and mud season to go away. lol It has been in the high 60's this weekend. Today was 61 F. We still have so much snow on the ground it will be 3 or more weeks before we can even think about moving to the lake for the summer. We like to be in as soon as the road it open, but this year with all the snow we got it will be a late start. We do have to wait for the ice to go out so we have water. No water, no toilet! and NO Lynn! Hate the outhouse so will stay home until we get the water going in the camp!

Love your blog.


Jami said...

I feel your pain, Lynn. It's been a long, deep winter all around! Still, a Maine summer is not to be missed. Be sure to drop a line if you'll be at the Common Ground Fair this year, so I can say hello and admire your woolens!