Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Day's Resolution

I had a fuit smoothie for breakfast today. Low fat yogurt, frozen blueberries & cherries & blackberries, a squirt of skim milk and a double tablespoon of flax meal. It was tasty, and fast, and portable, and I have no excuse not to do it again regularly. I'm trying to promise myself that I will do it at least 3 days a week, although I'm already negotiating with myself on this. Today's concession: I had a "Special K" breakfast bar (only 90 calories!) with it, to satisfy my craving for crunch and sugar.

Also, it's a beautiful morning and the forecast is for a beautiful day. I passed a guy on a motorcycle, which reminded me of bicycles, which reminded me of my purported interest in biking to work "when the weather gets better." I promissed myself I would bike 5 miles a night, at least 2 nights a week on my stationary bike until I felt comfortable doing so. Then I could reasonably expect to do the 7 miles of hills and valleys between the house and my office without risking the loss of my breakfast. This feels like another internal negotiation already.

Why do I suddenly crave circus peanuts?

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