Saturday, May 24, 2008

Feeling quite virtuous

This weekend is kind of a run-through for the coming days when Rick will be traveling and I'll be home alone. So far, so good; I had some very productive knitting time last night, did some housework, then went out and (1) located and retrieved the mower from winter storage, (2) coaxed the engine out of its hibernation, and (3) got a good bit of the yard mowed before dark. (No, I didn't need the baler - although that low corner of the front yard with an underground spring had to be mowed in very narrow, slow strips.) And this morning, I was up early to go lap swimming with Tasha.

I used to love swimming - still would, if there was a pool nearby that I liked. The Falls pool is nice, but I can't justify driving all the way to Falls just to swim. And the Plymouth pool tends to be temperature-inappropriate, even if sharing the common shower and locker room with half a dozen middle-aged and elderly women wasn't a bit surreal. But my point (and I do have one) is that swimming is just utterly relaxing for me. One of the benefits of my current size is that I'm buoyant as all get out, and I can just lay there on the water or motivate along letting my mind wander, and I come out feeling virtuous for the exercise and relaxed from the daydreaming. Today my mind kept wandering back to how appropriate Diana Naiad's name is (mythology joke), and how she broker her nose getting kicked in the face while training in a public pool. Why? I have no idea. But it's all good.
And so, with slightly achy shoulders and a sense of relaxed purpose, I'm going to make a dump run, do some more mowing, hang the hammock - and then sit in the shade of a flowering tree in front of my pond, watch the goldfish, and knit for a few hours. I'm missing Rick, but so far I'm thinking this weekend alone thing is working out okay.

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