Sunday, May 25, 2008


This is happening more and more. The big red pills make it go away for a while, but I started the headache last night, woke up with it this morning, and now it's back. My head feels like this (except you have to imaging the orange as throbbing and more of a bright tangerine).

The good news: Rick is done in Missouri, having put his Dad's car back together, and will be home by 11:00 or so tonight. And I was almost done last night with a cotton shawl for the farmer's market, then discovered that somehow about 8" from the nape of the neck I'd shifted my marker over - which meant the spine of the shawl had a very obvious dogleg. Ripped it back while I finished "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," did yard work this morning, then continued on it through "I Am Legend" and "Matrix Reloaded." (The first was hysterical in a sad way, the second was sad, and the third was obnoxious. I'm raiding Luc's stash of DVD's, so I'm stuck with his taste in video.) Anyway, I'm almost back to where I was last night on the shawl. If the latest red migraine pill would please kick in soon, I'll finish it before Rick gets home.

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