Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ups and Downs

Last night I worked on this project for a client that involved tracking people down and interviewing them, then documenting their comments. I was hoping for 4 and I got 7, which made me feel like freakin' Erin Brokovich. (Without the bustier - although one guy told me I had pretty eyes and tried to give me a puppy.) Then I came home, had a nice dinner with Rick, and got back to prep for the farmer's market, which starts in 10 days.
I finished the 5th bottle cover (black wool with bright rainbow cotton) last night and started the 6th (deep blue with colorwork waves in a variegated light/medium blue). Hopefully I'll have a half-dozen done by tonight, at which point I'll switch over and try that fiber necklace concept again. This weekend I need to inventory the various photography prints in stock, see what else should be printed, update my portrait book and make some signage for the booth. I'm hoping my new canopy actually gets delivered today or tomorrow, so I can try setting it up in the driveway for a reality check. I also think I'm going to buy a 4' x' 8 panel of white lattice and have Rick split it lengthwise, so I can use it as a backdrop for the booth and hang merchandise from it with s-hooks. All these things are very exciting.

On the other hand, Tasha leaves today for camp. She's stressed out and wound tight, which shows in her attitude - and I am too, which shows in mine. I seem to be internalizing a lot of stress related to this, especially after a rather robust discussion about schedules and rides last night. My stomach hasn't been upset like this since the time Rick was in ICU. I know it will all work out - I just don't like having to deal with it in the interim.

Oh, and the news from Weight Watchers continues to be a bit disheartening, in spite of my best efforts. I put two and two together, called the pharmacy, and confirmed that a side effect of my new medication is weight gain!!! Great, just great.
I'm trying to think serene thoughts here. I wonder if I can get a prescription for knitting therapy, so as to take mandated work breaks with my needles?

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Christylea said...

Sorry you're having a rough day!