Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wingtip Update

If I had really been thinking, I would have weighed the other wingtip on the postage scale at work before giving it to Tammy for seaming, to determine exactly how many ounces of yarn it took - because then I would know if I have enough for the remaining wingtip. I think it's going to be very close - I have 19" of the 30" I need, and I have just under 1 & 1/2 balls - which should be about 10 - 11". Hopefully I get that call from Jodi soon to say the extra order of wool is in!
Otherwise, all is well. Rick was saying how we should all go out to breakfast yesterday, and how we should also go biking. End result: we biked over to the Waldo Cafe for breakfast. It's only about a 6 mile round trip and it's pretty civilized except for one deep valley just west of the house. I thought it was very pleasant, even if Rick did turn some funny colors coming up that last long hill on the way home. I love my old Motobecane, with it's sealed bearings and correctly proportioned frame! I suspect it's a major reason why biking is easier for me than for Rick on his old Schwinn.

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