Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thoughts for a Fall Wedding

Just pretend I'm not spilling the beans on anyone, okay?

I'm going to a wedding in the Fall, and am starting to dream about what I would like to knit for the occasion. Please ignore the current to do list and my present obligations to the farmer's market and all. Let's also presume, just for the fun of it, that I will lose some weight (in a healthy, long-lasting fashion) between now and then. Oh, and let's presume that my skills are up to the challenge. What do you think of something like this?http://amingledyarn.wordpress.com/gallery/short-sleeve-sweaters/titania-pattern/

Maybe in a soft green merino/silk of some sort, coupled with a long flowing skirt? I might even do a lace headband to match - or would that be too much of a good thing?

But September can either be warm or cool at this latitude, depending on the whim of Mother Nature. Would I be safer with an understated tank of some sort and then a shawl? I still have that gorgeous blue & gold "Crown Jewels" pencil roving in my stash, and I always meant to make a squiggle shawl with it and some fine mohair-type something or other. But I'm kind of on this lace kick, apparently. (Alison, here's your chance to chime in.) A Strawberry Pie-type shawl? http://spindyeknit.com/patternfiles/strawberry-pie-shawl/ That might make more sense, since there will be enthusiastic dancing and it might be nice to be able to add or subtract layers at will. I think I'd want one that is more or less triangular but with those j-shaped wingtips, so it kind of curves around you when you throw one tip over a shoulder. I could even make a shawl pin out of silver and match some beads to my necklace or earrings or something for a whole ensemble!

Hmmmm - for end of summer/early fall dancing wedding receptions, especially when one is modeling a hand-crafted artsy kind of look, shouldn't there be an ankle bracelet?

I still love that Titania sweater, though. I wonder if I could leave off the sleeves and add a little ease in the armholes to make it a tank, then use one of the lace patterns from it to do a version of a j-shaped shawl? I contacted the designer through Ravelry, and she thinks a tank could work. And I think I have a free shawl pattern like that in my pattern files - I'll have to look tonight to see if it is adaptable to different stitch patterns.

Oh, this is beginning to sound intense . . . and I still definitely want to do a candle flame shawl for the bride (although I think I may be able to barter for that yarn). And maybe a garter.

This is starting to shape up as a case study of "How Jami Gets Herself In Trouble."
(And it's official - I'm 1" of lace short on the wingtip of the tree of life shawl. Here's hoping we get a good match when the re-ordered yarn comes in!)

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AlisonH said...

Thank you! For whatever it's worth, my later patterns, the ones that made it into my "Wrapped in Comfort" book, are I think better designed. They're generally wider for throwing over the shoulder, or can be worn V-neck and open down the front, tied if you want, and overall, they hang better than the strawberry pie shawl. They stay on with zero effort and have the beautiful curving shape I was going for on all of them.