Friday, May 30, 2008

That was fun

We got to Peg's house about 6:00 last night to load up all the household stuff, and she had it all tagged with post-it notes so we knew what to take. I'd been really worried that it would just be Gary and me, since we were the only ones to initially sign up. But Jim & Judy showed up with their daughter and two vans, and Kelly showed up with another one, and we got all the stuff out in one load! We had just enough people - the work was easy, but we weren't getting in each other's way. And Peg looked so pleased by the whole thing!
(I'll photoshop myself in from another shot this weekend, so Peg has a picture of the complete group.)
When we got to Church and started unpacking some of the boxes, it was like going through Grandma's attic. There were two vintage Barbie cases full of clothes, including some knitted by Peg. There were all kinds of cute little trinkets, the kind of things elderly ladies will have collected over a lifetime. And there were shoe boxes of vintage jewelery. A lot of it was the kind of plastic beads featured on The Lucille Ball Show, but every once in a while we found a piece that had more in common with Grace Kelley. I pulled a few of the nicest ones out to see if we should be putting them on ebay instead of just throwing them in the mix, but it's starting to look like the trend for vintage bling is a bit past. According to last night's research, only the very nicest, signed pieces were going for any kind of money, and either these aren't signed or I don't know where to look. But just the same, aren't they cool? The red & gold one is especially gorgeous in a timeless sort of way, and looks like it could easily be converted from a choker to a stunning bracelet just by switching the extender chain for a decent clasp. And the crystal sunburst is just begging to be part of someone's special occasion. Both seem to be in perfect condition, with no missing stones or corrosion or anything.
Tonight, my job will be to haul my own donations down to the rummage sale, which starts on Saturday morning. It's a little embarrassing, because my stuff is not nearly as interesting. I have a box of old books, and a silk plant, and some little occasional tables and a plant stand, and I'm bringing Mindy's old kennel down, which is a collapsible wire set-up that has been stored outside all winter. But someone has already brought in a nice big crate suitable for a large breed dog, complete with cushion, and marked it for only $10. And there's an adorable antique baby stroller with a "Hi-o Silver" horse decorating theme, and a little vintage runner sled with a stroller-style push bar on the back which just begs to be decorated for Christmas. And collectible old milk jars, and a vintage baby crib, and of course Peg's antique bedroom set. It all makes my offering look pretty insignificant.

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