Thursday, July 3, 2008

Not Quite

I started decreasing as soon as I switched from the ribbing to the blue, and then did "knit 4, knit two together" as my first decrease round. I think it decreases too sharply and could use a little more depth. I might have been tempted to do the embroidered stars and throw it on the table at market anyway, since any size will fit someone - but notice the two big fat purls in the middle of my white knit column? This is not to be tolerated.

So, I ripped it back to the first blue decrease, then dropped and picked up those white stitches to correct the error. And I'm adding 4 rounds of blue before the first decrease, and then decreasing two stitches in a set-up row before starting with "knit 5, knit two together" for my first decrease row. It should help. For a little project with no particular intended recipient and a limited cash return for my effort, this is taking a lot of work. But it's cute.

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