Thursday, August 14, 2008


A few days after Tasha left for the summer, Luc pointed out how peaceful the house had become. He held this out as proof that I should have "stopped at one." (Ah, brotherly love.)

After a summer of adventure, she's now home again. She has begun to spread her laundry and toiletries throughout the house again, and she's already borrowed my car and insulted my taste. I'm biting my tongue. After spending 10 weeks on her own, adjusting back to being a child in a household of 5 is going to be a challenge for her. And in all probability, this is her last year with us; after high school, she'll be off to college and other adventures.

So far, things are going fairly well between her and the dog, who of course sees her as a stranger. But Tasha says her biggest concern is that once she and I start arguing, the dog will get upset at her. I'm hoping (foolishly, perhaps) that it just doesn't come to that.

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