Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another Sign of the Times

This morning, as I trucked on up the road with Nora in tow, it occurred to me that a light pair of gloves would be nice. And I find myself realizing that sandals are no longer as comfortable in the office as they were (although I'll still wear them occasionally, just to celebrate the wonders of working in a casual office). The goldenrod is in full force these days, and although the roses are offering one last burst of glory before they fade, the rest of the garden is looking fairly spent.

On the other hand, the dahlia I planted last spring and had since forgot is now in bud. And the palladium's that I gave up on some time ago aren't a no-show after all; they're simply about 2 feet shorter and 2 months later than I expected. I wonder if I could winter them over as house plants to get some size on them, or if they need to die back like tulips and other bulbs. Anyone know?

Also, it's almost time to divide some perennials. If you're in the area or I'm going to be in your neighborhood in the next month, and you want anything, just let me know. I'm especially blessed with seeds for hollyhocks and cone flowers this year, so if you know anyone with a new condo (hint, hint) who might like something to dress up the garden, speak up.

(Oh, and the soft focus on the rose is the result of my camera fogging up in the morning cool while I was trying to take the picture. I kind of like the effect.)

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Christylea said...

Hint well taken! I'll ask the homeowner! Can you tell me what they look like? Colors, etc?