Friday, October 31, 2008

Please don't eat the forsythia leaves

. . . or the bunny poop you found in the grass, or the bottle of yellow food coloring that Nora left unnoticed in the toe-kick of the kitchen cabinet, or the paper towel I'm trying to use to clean it up, or the power cord for my computer, or even my toes (thank you very much).

My God, a puppy is exhausting! I really loved having a dog to keep me company on long walks, and to settle happily by my side as I knitted through a movie. And Luna, of course, has the potential to do all of these things for many years to come, once we get through this puppy stage. But meanwhile, she requires a frustrating amount of my attention. I'm having trouble finishing a simple garter-stitch shawl (due tomorrow) because the baby has to be let out on pee breaks every 20 minutes or so, and can't be trusted out of sight even when she's safely behind her puppy gate. And of course, I need to be home at lunch and immediately after work for her potty breaks, which should at some point allow her to keep her playpen clean. (Not yet, though.) And we start every morning with a pre-dawn rush for the door (followed by yet another kennel cleaning), and end every evening standing there in the darkness trying to make sure her bladder is absolutely empty before bed.

I've always picked out older dogs - admittedly with a mixed success rate, but I generally knew what I was getting into. But everybody loves a puppy, I guess. And she was pretty darn adorable last night when 4 of the neighbor kids offered to "walk" her around the back yard for a bit. They actually had her jumping into piles of leaves with them! But I can't wait until she's just a bit older.

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