Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Puppies and Knitting

I bought a gate to keep the puppy on the tile until she has a better sense of discretion, but the only one wide enough to span our 48" kitchen entry needs to be screwed to the wall (rather than relying on some sort of spring-loaded mechanism). Or more precisely, it will need to be screwed into the wall on one end, and the kitchen bar on the other. The wall needs to be painted anyway, and patching sheet rock is fairly easy; but there is no way I'll be drilling holes in the cabinetry before Rick gets back. So for now, we've worked out a system of barricades and constant supervision. And the puppy is working out methods to outsmart them.

And did you notice how her favorite squeaky toy (shown) is remarkably similar to a loose ball of yarn? She keeps trying to steal the shawl I'm working on right out of my hands, and this morning got away from me and dove into my bedroom. Two seconds later she's back, happily trailing a stream of alpaca with a wad of lacework in her mouth. (No damage, thanks.)
I was originally looking at a five month old dog, whereas Luna (chosen by Rick) is only 3 1/2 months. I figure that entitles me to voice my frustrations for the first 6 weeks, right?

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