Monday, October 20, 2008


A rough list of things on my mind, in no particular order:
  • Nora's appointment with the vet is tonight.

  • The LG front-load washer started peeing on the laundry room floor last night. So, about 3 years from installation for both washer and dryer to become dramatically unusable in some way. (I posted sometime in the last year about the metal fatigue hole which appeared in the dryer's drum and ripped a bunch of clothes before we caught it.) The last set, Kenmores, lasted about 15 years. The repair guy is coming tomorrow, and will be charging us $65 for the first 15 minutes.

  • I'm preaching at church on All Saint's Sunday - my first time. I'm told I should shoot for about 1,000 words, and of the different lectionary texts I've selected the beatitudes with a theme of humility and reference to those who have gone before us. I'm hoping Grandma would approve.

  • I did repeat photos of Nikki and Terry on Saturday, because their first set (done on a gloomy day) were really disappointingly grainy and (in many cases) embarrassingly blurry. This time around we had a beautiful day and I tried - I really tried - to use the stupid tripod. I hope they like the results.

  • I really must get Dan's birthday gift in the mail. His birthday is Saturday, which doesn't allow much time. Which reminds me - Elizabeth's birthday is coming up quickly as well. I have a jar of those beautiful pickled onions from the bazaar, and am thinking of what to combine it with. An Envirosax in a complimentary color? (Envirosax are on sale at the market for $5 each, and suddenly I have this urge to buy 20 or so for all my gift-giving needs over the coming year.)

  • I absolutely promised Chris I'd have her cotton shawl done by two days ago. Oops. I'll work on it tonight, since it will be perfect knitting for the immediate aftermath of tonight's visit to the vet - mindless and absorbent.

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