Friday, October 17, 2008

Suddenly it hits me

Rick's been gone since early Monday morning. Normally I can still talk to him by cell and e-mail, but with him buried in the mountains somewhere, his cell phone is crappy even at the hotel. So I've only spoken to him a few times this week - just enough to hear he's had some problems on the job, and won't be back until Saturday after dinner. I'm starting to really miss him.

Then I was doing my daily check of family blogs, and read Julie's description of the California nephews and their apple-picking trip. (The PB&J link is at left.) I can just imagine Tubby toddling around in his warm mama-knit wool pants, proudly carrying an apple or two. I really miss all of those little guys.

Then Nora put her soft muzzle into my lap this morning and inquired about breakfast. I still think we made the right decision; I have to be careful and watch her expression even while I'm petting her ears, in case her switch flips and she decides I'm too far past her boundaries. But I'm really going to miss her.

I'm sensing a theme here.

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