Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sweetie

Rick is having a rough birthday today. He spent more time than he intended last night tearing up the house looking for the travel itinerary and boarding pass he's sure he printed, and then we had to take an emergency trip back to the restaurant where we had celebrated an early birthday dinner because the waitress forgot to return his credit card. He left the house at about 3:30 this morning, and when he called from the Minneapolis airport at 8:30 I had to tell him that the power cord for his laptop was still sitting by the door. (Apparently it slipped out of his gear bag. The good news is, I found it in time to warn him so he could replace it before leaving civilization.) He'll be landing in San Jose sometime this afternoon, then driving 4 hours to the job site to check in and get his first real look at the problem. However, the job site is a solar-powered highway equipment shack somewhere in no-mans-land along the California coast, and he's been warned that the nearest hotel will be an hour's drive away from there. All in all, he probably won't get to bed tonight until a good 20 hours or more after he left. And then he'll work 12 - 16 hour days for the next week with the hope of making it home again on Friday, because he's scheduled to leave again (for Miami this time) on Monday.

One of the many things I've always respected about Rick is that he's an incredibly hard-working man. As a result, he has more aches and pains and battle scars than your average man of exactly 47 years; but he is a very determined person, and his jobs get done. Some days I think he could benefit from a little less determination.
Try to slow down a bit, Sweetie. Happy birthday, and remember I love you.

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