Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Made It! (mostly)

Has it really been 5 days since I blogged? I'm not sure how that happened; blessings of the season and all, I guess. In any case, here's the aftermath of the to do list and report of recent events.

1. Lydia socks - done (about 3:00 a.m. Saturday morning), delivered, and they fit with some room to grow.

2. Johnny socks - well, I finished the Eli socks, and they fit Eli with very little room to spare; so since Johnny is a few months younger, I'm probably safe making some with the Johnny socks pattern and just using a more generous gauge. But I think I also need to make a fresh pair for Eli, since he absolutely loved his socks and will be growing out of them in roughly another week. (He's still at a non-verbal age, but apparently discovered that he could slip & slide around much more efficiently in his new socks and thought this was a good thing.)
3. Grey round & round - surprise!! It's a pair of leg warmers for Christy! Not only will they keep her warm when she's doing playground monitor duties this winter, but her roommate points out that they have an 80's-era exercise video where apparently you can't expect to exercise effectively unless you are properly outfitted with leg warmers. (They're not quite done, but I'll have them finished and shipped to her before she's back from her winter break in the Bahamas.)
4. Aubree likes her pink hat, and I'm going to follow up with hand warmers as soon as I draw a spare breath. I'll also post the pattern.

5. Pink/white hat & mittens for B - I caved and sent her something from a fair trade catalog instead. But that doesn't mean I won't get the pink & white stuff done eventually; the holidays are an excuse for raining knitted and crafted goodies down on my loved ones, but they are not my only opportunity to do so.
6. Chain mail scarf - this was a large-gauge scarf of Ironstone Yarn's "gumdrops" in a blue/teal/amber color which reminded me of chain by the way it puddled solidly in my hands. Finished, and Mary loved it.

7. Cream & gold necklace - nope. Not yet. See #5, above.

8. Julie seemed to like her blue wool & silk scarf, although I forgot to take a photo of her in it. She also says I really need to investigate dying yarn. (Repeat after me: I do not need another hobby. I do not need another hobby. I do not need . . . .) The other scarf is still waiting for transit and is going to be late (even thought it is done).

9. Rosie's dove hankie - not yet, but she's had a death in the family (a peaceful one, after a long illness, and which is balanced nicely by the birth of a new great-niece). I probably won't see her for a few days anyway, which gives me some time.

10. (Wow - did I really have a list this long? What was I thinking?) Liturgical stole - I picked up the reworked stole on Saturday morning on my way out of town. It now has a white edging which looks great; now I just need to add the fishies and fishing net, add the verse along the back edge, and find a way to get it to RaeAnn. There isn't a hard deadline on this one, now that I've already missed our lunch date last week. Still, Christmas would be nice.

11. Nope, didn't need the necklace. Took the stuff along to Christmas in Michigan, just in case, but never used it.

Okay, so coming up next: a report on the trip, and a hat recipe or two, and a report on what I found when I got back. Here's a hint:

Me: Has anyone watered the Christmas tree while I was away?

Two different members of the family, replying separately to the same question: No - I didn't realize it was real.

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