Monday, January 19, 2009

Work in Progress

I don't know what it is - maybe the instant gratification. These felted kid socks whip up in no time, and I don't have to study the pattern so much as glance at it occasionally. No matter what other knitting projects might be in work, I always need a "brainless knitting" project to keep my hands busy in the car or wherever. In any case, here's the weekend's efforts:

You're looking at the unfelted versions of a "kid's medium" for Eli, a "kid's small" for JT, and a "kid's large" in green for Bret. Next up, a "woman's small" for Parker and my best guess of a "men's extra large" for Farmer Luke. (He wears a size 12, and his mom is bartering the knitting for a series of homemade pies.)

Life is good.

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