Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Curious Mixture of Temptation and Apathy

I'm headed down to Milwaukee in a bit to retrieve my portfolio from the law firm of my employment hopes, and to meet a friend for a drink. I was supposed to start this adventure earlier today by meeting another friend for a quick knitting lesson and a little mutual jobless commiseration - she was downsized on Friday, too - but she called to say that she had been on the phone with the unemployment compensation people for an hour already and wasn't going to make it.

The thing is, I now feel like I have to go get that portfolio (so as to have it handy for my next interview and all), but it feels like a long way to drive just to walk in and grab a binder. And a quiet beer with a friend is nice and all, but again - it's more of an "I was in the neighborhood" kind of thing. And so I keep mentally running over the other things I could do while I was in the City. Wander through the art museum? (No, costs money. I'm unemployed and on a tight budget, remember?) Stop by the Market for some fresh oysters or something equally delicious and difficult to acquire elsewhere? (No. Same reason.) Visit Ruhama's, just to see what might be on clearance in the yarn bins? (No. Be serious; that place is like crack. If I go, I will buy something. Best to stay at least 5 miles away at all times.)


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