Thursday, February 12, 2009

Finished Object: Socks!

There they are: the Red Heart socks. I followed the basic recipe given in the Yarn Harlot's Knitting Rules book, except I thought I knew better than her about the ribbing at the top (based on my many pairs of felted boot socks) and used far less than the recommended 2". I was wrong - these definitely could have stood to be a little more clingy around the calf. Also, I need to get better at sewing up the toes. And these babies didn't have any loose spots or anything when I first put them on, but by the time I took my shoes off again an hour later they had developed ladders along the toe decreases. I'm hoping that a blocking will help that out, but it makes me nervous - because even though I plan to keep these socks for myself as a learning experience, the next pair will be sent to Dad's friend in Arizona and will need to look pretty good.

With all due respect for the Red Heart yarn (the colors of which grew on me after a bit), this next project will be using "the good stuff": Paca-Ped alpaca/wool/nylon blend from The Alpaca Yarn Company in a color called "mixed berries." It's gorgeous stuff, and I want to do it proud. I'm going to try the Spring Forward sock pattern from, so I'm also going to be broadening my experience at lace chart reading [gulp].
Wish me luck!

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