Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hello, World. Remember Me?

Y'know, last time I was out of work I spent about 3 weeks sitting on the couch eating bon-bons and trying to wrap my head around the idea of being unemployed. This had unfortunate consequences for my scale, of course, and also didn't do me a lot of good in the coping department. Eventually I fell into a new routine that involved substitute teaching, walks, and some other activities. It really wasn't that bad, except for the financial issues and the weekly embarrassment of filing for unemployment.

This time around, I'm trying to move straight over to the new routine and bypass the bon-bon phase altogether. It helps, of course, that I knew this change was coming roughly 7 weeks in advance, and so had time to process it before it even happened. And it also helps that I now have my substitute teaching certificate, rather than having to start from the whole finger-printing, seminar-attending beginning - so I can still feel as though I'm technically employed.

Still, I have this sense of being in limbo. Instead of that trip to Rome (which I just typed as "Roam" in a classically Freudian fashion), I'm reading Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love. I'm talking to people about photography gigs, but other than a new round of glamor shots in a couple of weeks, the calendar is not particularly full. I think I need a more comprehensive plan for moving forward.

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Anonymous said...

Haven't looked at your blog for a while. Sorry to hear about your job loss, I guess it's no comfort to be one of thousands in the same position. I like your choice of music and it's nice to be greeted by Janis Ian when I came in. Best wishes, Mary