Monday, February 23, 2009

Work, Play, and Karma

Work on the Spring Forward socks continue. And I'm making progress - the first sock is done, but for sewing up the tip of the toe, and I'm bringing it to knitting group Tuesday night to optimize the chances of that going well. I've finished the ribbing on the second sock, and am half-way through the first repeat.

I'm pushing on; maybe I'll even finish it one of these days. But those size 0 needles were just driving me nuts after a while, especially since I took it to visit some knitting buddies on Sunday afternoon and only had the cheap reading glasses with me that bother my nose. In the end, I just had to tuck it away and bust out some instant gratification:

This is a squiggle shawl with mohair-wannabe and some creepy crawly chennile, both from my stash, on my largest circular needle (which is about 19, I think). I don't know who it's for or why I'm making it, but it will be about 34" wide by 60" long, and I finished the first 10" or so in less than an hour. It's easy, mindless, free (not only is it 100% stash sourced, but I think the yarns are left-overs from previous projects), and at this scale I barely need eyes, much less reading glasses.

And remember the pea soup yarn? Lunamoth has set up a give-away on her website for the Yarn Treehouse "Socks of Hideousness" which she made with her supply of the same stuff. (Turns out it's not quite the same. Mine is mint sliding into lavendar; hers is olive sliding into tangerine. But still . . . ) It seemed pretty obvious to me from the response she's had so far that there are people out in the world who like this kind of thing; so we're teaming up to offer my own "yarn of hideousness" and a copy of her "socks of hideousness" pattern as a consolation prize. It seems only right to send this yarn back out into the world to find someone who will love it for what it is.

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