Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Drumroll, Please?

Nicole, the Lady at Lunamoth with the "Socks of Hideousness" contest, has found her winner: Michelle, who picked #117. And she has also found my winner for the consolation prize, consisting of the pea soup yarn and a copy of Nicole's sock pattern: Dawn, whose mother has perennially cold feet in the winter. Dawn, I think I need to send you a copy of my brother Dan's pattern for felted boot socks as well. Some of the farmers in my family swear by them, and my grandmother wore a pair during her last years. And they're fast to make up, which sounds like it will make your life easier.
Meanwhile, the puppy is continuing her efforts to win over Dorian, the older cat (who continues to be apathetically disgusted with her). Rick likes to whisper little subliminal suggestions into her ear while he's petting her: "Luna, eat the gray cat." He's joking, of course - but either she was trying to groom Dorian cat-style yesterday, or she was experimenting with how he might taste.

He finally tagged her on the ear, which discouraged her for 90 seconds or so.

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