Tuesday, March 10, 2009

After The Storm

Is there anything in this world more beautiful than an ice storm? I mean, assuming you're inside during the actual application of ice, with a cup of hot cocoa and some warm socks and all. But the morning after, before the sun warms up and takes it all away again, it's just stunning.

I have noticed, by the way, that one of the most common topics for a blog entry (right up there with "How cute is my cat?") is some variation of an apology for not blogging. "I've been too busy with _______" is the common refrain, followed by some self-induced guilt trip about the lack of blog updates. Me, I'm not doing it. Uh uh. I haven't blogged in 16 days or so because I was otherwise occupied, and I really am trying not to feel guilty about it. I mean, since I last blogged, I have spent yet another freakin' wonderful retreat weekend at Moon Beach in Eagle River. I have taught school. I have attended two funerals; one a well-earned rest for the deceased, and the other a sad little tragedy that I attended in support of the bereaved. I have attended another wonderful Lay Academy session, this time on pastoral counseling. (I should probably tell you more about that, since I came away with even more food for thought than usual.) And I finished the lace alpaca socks, informally known by now as the "Socks of Perdition." I have used my stationary bike extensively, established that despite a series of gut aches my gall bladder is in good shape, and progressed to a very squeaky "Ode to Joy" on my violin. I also made a really fine pecan pie for Rick, complete with scratch crust.

Somehow, now that I have more so-called free time, I seem to have less time for the computer. That may be a facet of my homebound location, with its
older/slower computer and significantly slower internet speeds. And frankly, the time is fast approaching when I need to invest in a new home computer - this one is having a lot of trouble with even basic photo editing, which is of course my (nominal) bread and butter these days. But I am also quite clearly spending less time in front of a monitor and more time actively participating in life.

Okay, so there's a little guilt. I like blogging, and reading blogs. I like showing off my latest project, and pondering my latest idea or concept in such a way as to invite feedback. I've missed you guys, whoever you are - the 12 to 18 people who according to my tracking page are regular readers. I'm going to try to do better; tomorrow I will have updated puppy pictures, and Sock of Perdition pictures, and so on.

Meanwhile, the wind is whipping like crazy outside. Seems like a good time to get up and make an apple crisp.

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Maggie Brown said...

Hi Jami,
I am glad you doing well. I have missed seeing your lovely photos. That ice storm looks like a whopper - hope you kept electricity. Thanks for the update. Stay warm.