Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Quick Break From Reality

Just for fun, I whipped out the Twin Leaf Lace Cloth from Smariek Knits yesterday during Weight Watchers and some quality time in front of the TV. Once again, it's a bit smaller than expected - about 6" x 6" unblocked - but I mostly wanted to try out the pattern and see how tricky it was in real life. (I'm a fan of Marie's patterns, but they're generally not what you'd call brainless knitting.) I do like it, and I'm thinking that I might put a strip in this stitch along each outside edge of the "Tree of Life" prayer shawl, just to keep things interesting and balance out the center motif.

The cloth itself I will probably block and then give to my office assistant, who has been making loud rhetorical remarks about how her grandmother used to give all the kids lacy cloths like this every Christmas, and how they all loved them and treasured them and used them for trivets.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled feather & fan fruit salad of a baby blanket. It's now about 36" x 36", and I think just a few more rows will do it. Then I'm going to start a new prayer shawl to use as a demo at the prayer shawl break-out session at next week's retreat.

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