Monday, February 25, 2008


Okay, I ripped out the pilot hat and re-did it on smaller needles in the smaller size. Then I went looking for an actual baby to try it on. No dice.

It's slightly too big for Louie, which is probably for the best (since he's basically a pinhead anyway).
And it more or less fits my camera bag - which gives you an idea of scale, but otherwise has no bearing. I also discovered that it can be put on my head, although it's a very snug skullcap on me. I guess that's good - The goal is to have something that's very stretchy, but baby sized. My boss' neighbor has a 11 month old child, so she's going to take the hat and sweater both home with her and borrow the neighbor baby for a size check and photo shoot. But boss lady is very busy and easily distracted, so I'm not quite sure how effective this plan will be in execution. If I haven't come up with a definite solution by the end of this week, I'm just going to dump the sweater & hat into a box and mail it to California with my fingers crossed. Worst case scenario, the older nephews can use it for dress-up when they're playing space man.(I ask you again - do I not have some seriously cute nephews?!)

In other news . . . well, actually, there isn't much. Luc says that after his recent accident he thought it might be useful to learn how a car actually goes together, and he spent several hours on Sunday in the garage with his father, hopefully learning some things. They got the new car (supposedly named "Duchess," but already shortened to "Dutch") into the garage and got to work removing some of its tin and other pieces in preparation for engine work. Hopefully, Luc has also learned to leave his shoes at the door after one of these sessions, since he tracked a nasty mud composed of oil-dry, melted snow and assorted petroleum products all over the kitchen when they came in. Lovely.

Oh, and have you ever seen the movie "Stay" with Ewan McGregor? I watched it during a late night knitting session over the weekend, and had to watch the end again on Sunday to be sure of what I saw. Higher education in both art theory and dream theory would really help you appreciate some of the finer details, but I still think it was a freakin' brilliant movie! I kept backing it up, nudging Luc and yelping stuff like "Look! Twins again!" A great movie for a quiet night when you don't mind having something really mess with your sense of reality.

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