Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sorry, Blog

I'm thinking of you - really I am. I want to write something inspired and lovely and memorable; possibly about perceptions or relationships or my continuing struggle to either (a) lose some more damn weight or (b) learn to be content with myself or (c) all of the above. But even if I treat this blog more or less like a diary, the fact is that my thoughts are made somewhat public thereby and must inevitably be censored to protect those whom I love (or those who sign my paycheck).

Anyway, bottom line is that I have lots of pictures of my family and other people who are important to me, because I'm a completely unapologetic and unreformed shutterbug. But I don't have many pictures of me, and that can be awkward in settings where I'm expected to use one. So last night (as an offshoot of a search for a particular photo on a completely different topic) I went looking for a picture of me that I actually like.

Hmmm - I can judge by the size of the then-kitten (and by the state of my eyebrows) that this is not at all a recent picture.

Luc took this one. Okay, so I got the sweatshirt in the pre-teen boys' section at Younkers, and it looks like some of the "before" pictures from "What Not To Wear."

I'm seeing a red nose, and more than the standard number of chins - and a wonderful, loving man. Maybe this is as good as it gets, and I'll just look at him. Just the same, I feel the day coming when I'm going to experiment with my tripod and take a picture I actually like.

It is what it is, I suppose.

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