Friday, May 9, 2008

Something Different

I really, really need to get photos turned in for the items I'm going to display at this summer's farmer's market. The problem is, I'm still experimenting with the whole "fiber necklace" concept and haven't quite got what I want yet. For instance, eyes right:

This FilAtura Di Crosa Portofino is beautiful to look at and touch. But I swear I did the I-cord on my best Crystal Palace double-points, using a lot of care - and still it's got snags all through it. The snags seems to be coming mostly from the synthetic wrap cord rather than the cotton core, and I seriously considered just waving a lighter gently in its
general direction to see if I could discretely singe the offending fibers away. But if I can't knit the yarn without this kind of problem, how is someone going to wear it without constantly snagging it on their jewelry or buttons or rings or whatever? I can't understand how this yarn could be functional except in very unusual situation. Too bad - it is pretty. But no wonder it was such a bargain.

Anyway, the I-cord has been staring at me for a couple of days now while I try to work out a solution. Maybe the solution is to put the rest of it back in my stash and try the concept on something else. If I strike out again, I may have to come up with another option for that particular farmer's market item. (Too bad, since I found the perfect display rack for my theoretically wonderful fiber necklaces and have had it stored in the corner of my bedroom for a couple of weeks now.)

In other news, the garden continues to bloom and the chickens have not done anything destructive to it yet (fingers crossed).

And Tasha's prom is tomorrow night. The dress has been hemmed (and I've got a thank-you card picked out for Betty, although I have to figure out what kind of gift card to tuck into it). It came back from the cleaners last night, so all is well on that end. And a fuchsia Alstramarius corsage is in work, although it's technically from her best friend (because getting one from her mother would be weird, apparently). Pictures to follow!

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