Saturday, May 10, 2008

And she's off!

Got the hair done. Managed to convince her that playing golf after getting her hair done and before the Prom was a bad idea - even if she was just going to drive the cart. Managed to talk her into posing for pictures at home, before the pre-planned group "camera op." Got her to the photo op on time. And saw her head off for the group dinner at O, looking happy and care-free. She tossed off an "I love you, Mom" and dashed away - then dashed back to ask for some cash.

After Prom, she wanted to stay at an all-night co-ed party at her friend Sam's house. Now, I've known Sam (and his family) since he was 3, and he's a nice kid and respectable and responsible and all. And Tasha assures me that everyone is on their best behavior and all - which I more or less believe. But the last time she was at one of Sam's events, another girl's attitude was way out of order and there were no adults to be seen in this group of maybe 3 dozen teens. And even if the only thing they were doing was eating lasagna and watching movies, it made me feel uncomfortable. I mean, I know what kind of trouble I was capable of getting into at 17, even though the adults in my life at the time really thought things were under control. So, either she goes to Stephanie's all-girl after-prom party, where both parents will be in residence and the rules state that guests must arrive immediately after the prom and will not leave until the party is over or until picked up - or she goes to Sam's party and I pick her up myself at 1:00 a.m. Her choice.

But doesn't she look beautiful?

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