Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Before and After

Can you stand another photo-heavy post?

I walked again this morning, a little further along the same route. (I found that next quarter marker about 30 yards past where I turned around yesterday, so today I officially walked 2 miles and a bit.) It was a beautiful morning with the kind of blue sky and fluffy clouds that you associate with a dairy commercial - although the cows were strangely absent today.

In any case, see what I mean about that field? Maybe my amber sunglasses made it jump out, because when you look at it from a distance you see beige. Very different from all the surrounding green, but it's still beige.

But when you get up close, you see red! Brown! Amber! (And maybe a little poison ivy. The jury's still out on that, but I'll probably know by tomorrow.) What's with all the fall color when it's not even summer yet?

And also on the subject of vegetative drama, check out my poppies. I love how they go from completely demure to hooker-flashy in the span of a 45 minute stroll.

In other news, Jodi called to say that the fresh supply of yellow wool for the Tree of Life shawl is in. I didn't pick it up yesterday, because my neuritis was yelling at me very loudly and knitting just wasn't an option. But today is a brand new day, and if I pick the yarn up at lunch and kick things into gear tonight, there's a slim chance that the whole thing will be ready on Father's day.

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