Monday, June 9, 2008

I took a walk this morning

The paint marking quarter sections in the road seems to have been worn away over the winter, or perhaps the road was re-topped and nobody has bothered to put new paint around the iron marker yet. In any case, there is one (still visible) marker at the edge of our yard, and I'm dead certain there should be another one up where Blueberry Road crosses. Assuming those markers are 1/2 mile apart (or 1/2 the length of a section, which is 320 rods or 1 mile wide), I think I walked at least a mile and a half. I seem to remember a fast walk being about 4 miles per hour, so I really think I should have gotten further than that in 45 minutes, even if there were hills involved. I have a strong urge to drive it with the car to check, although that flies in the face of our whole energy conservation ideal.

I couldn't find my mp3 player, so I just tucked my phone in my pocket for emergencies and trucked on down the road, letting my mind wander. I notice the buttercups and cowslips are blooming, as well as those pink primrose-looking flowers. The wild phlox is rioting, which means the peonies will bloom soon. And it was a cool morning, with the kind of light mist which always reminds me of sipping tea on Berkshire mornings in my teens. The cows were clearly puzzled by my presence, and I was fascinated by the reds and golds of a field of old soybeans or something, dazzling against the lush greenery our recent rain has generated.

All in all, a good way to start the day.

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