Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Flowers for my desk

Last week I cut a vase-full of peonies off the bush and brought them in for my desk. My assistant loved them, so the next day I brought a second vase in. One of the attorneys asked if he could have some too, since they smelled so nice - so I brought a third vase in. But the peonies are now just about past, and a couple of those original blooms have since exploded into showers of now-too-sweet petals all over my desk, so last night I threw them all out. But we'd gotten so many compliments about the peonies at my assistant's desk that I really thought I ought to replace them with something. I looked around the garden this morning, and decided on daisies and yellow loosestrife. Cut some, striped the bottom leaves, arranged it in a vase quickly, and off we go.

As I got into my car, a little buttercup-like blossom fell off the loosestrife. And another. And another. By the time the little bouquet had ridden the 7 not very bumpy miles to work, there were dozens of them on the seat, down the crack by the shift stick, on the floor, and all over my car. I'm thinking this is where the "loose" part of the name comes in.

Oh, well. There are buds on the roses, daylillies, clematis, hollyhocks, and a dozen other things. Surely I'll be able to come up with an "Option B" soon.


gambling said...
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Jami said...

The previous post, near as I could tell, was a request for specific subject matter. The beauty of a blog is that I can post any little thing that wanders through my head, and I respectfully reserve that right. I guess you'll just have either to put up with me or click away. But thanks for the feedback.