Sunday, June 22, 2008

Assignment: Elkhart Lake

After farmer's market on Saturday, the woman who runs the gift shop inside the old train station beckoned me over and invited me to put a spinner rack of small prints in her shop. People are always asking her for local images, and she liked my work, so I managed to put together a dozen or so "local" images from the stack I had at the market. But I didn't have any of Elkhart Lake, exactly, so I promised I'd do something about it. I headed back to Elkhart Lake on Saturday night and wandered around a bit, but the first thing I discovered was that a Saturday night when Road America was hosting June Sprints was not the ideal time to find a peaceful scene - or parking to walk up to it. I noted a few locations I'd like to visit when we have fewer visitors and some quiet evening light, but I did manage to take this from the boat launch:

I'll work on it more this week. I'd like to get a shot of the train station and the restored caboose on a misty morning, especially if I can frame out the anachronisms. And the little stone chapel down in the woods. And possibly a shot of the shop row next to the train tracks, if I can get the right light to make it interesting.

Meanwhile, I was over to Peg's place again today. She's in the final phase, since she's moving on Thursday, so we washed windows and did some other cleaning things that she was fretting about but couldn't handle herself. I got Rick and Luc over there to load out the drafting table she'd given us, and it was a lot of fun watching Luc carry his half up the basement stairs. This thing originated from Kohler's design department, according to Peg. It's a really neat piece of equipment, but the base appears to be cast iron and it's godawful heavy. I'd lured Luc over there by promising him McDonalds for lunch, and all I could hear from him as he grunted up the stairs was, "two McChickens small fries chocolate shake, two McChickens small fries chocolate shake, two McChickens . . . . "

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